Tell your story.

Our lives are a brilliant, evolving story and each of us has a story worth telling. When the unexpected hits – such as a traumatic or acquired brain injury, or the task of caregiving for a loved one – our story may become lost to us. By giving voice to our experiences, we can rebuild our lives, find hope, and create a new story by which to live by.

Brain injuries are life changing, both for the survivor and the family. Healing Pens’ mission is to offer the opportunity for brain injury survivors and caregivers to discover a source of healing, recovery, creativity, and acceptance through the reflective writing process. At the same time, by sharing your stories and working in a group, you also have the powerful ability to find healthy coping skills and a supportive community.

By participating in a Healing Pens journal therapy workshop you can:

  • Release tension, frustration, anger and other strong emotions associated with a brain injury or caregiving
  • Write through grief, loss, fear, and change
  • Find support for writing and experiences from your peers
  • Clarify goals and celebrate accomplishments involved in the recovery process
  • Find positive, healthy ways of coping
  • Write the story of your brain injury as a record for yourself, for the future, and for your loved ones

Healing Pens’ guided journal therapy workshops focus on providing the tools and skills necessary to empower you to come to a greater understanding of your individual story.

So come put your pen to paper and discover the strength found in the mighty pen.